#104 – Interview with Henning Lategahn, PhD, Atlatec, on 3D mapping without lidar

A fascinating conversation with Henning Lategahn, PhD with distinction from the University of Karlsruhe for Technology, and his startup, Atlatec, which produces 3d maps for autonomous driving and simulations without lidar; they use computer vision cameras only. Also, two cool announcements to share with you.

3D mapping for autonomous driving and simulation without lidar?!

I couldn’t have timed this conversation better if I’d tried: Immediately after my previous episodes in which I discussed Tesla Autonomy Day and the implications surrounding a future sans lidar — which everybody faults — and a future without mapping — which everybody also faults — along comes Henning with his startup, Atlatec, which does 3D mapping for autonomous driving and simulation using computer vision cameras only, i.e., without lidar!

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