#103 – More on Tesla Autonomy Day; AVs and congestion pricing; more assertive AVs will be safer

aerial photography of concrete roads
SOURCE: Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

We dive into some more details surrounding several of Elon Musk’s claims during Tesla Autonomy Day; AVs will require increased congestion pricing (or penalties for driving around without passengers); AVs need to get more assertive in order to be safer.

More on Tesla Autonomy Day

We dive a bit deeper into certain of Elon’s claims, like for instance, the fact that he’s (probably) right: you really may not need lidar after all.

AVs and congestion pricing

With AVs come will come greater traffic; hence the need for congestion pricing. Here’s why.

More assertive AVs will be safer

As Elon said, it may be necessary to increase the risk of a slight fender bender to small but non-zero values in order to allow more assertive — and thus safer — AVs.

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