#130-Bob Leigh, RTI

Today I’m joined by Bob Leigh of RTI, to learn all about their work developing uniquely versatile framework that enables others to build connectivity solutions both within and external to a vehicle, for example, V2V and V2X applications.

#128-Stuart Norris, GM Director of Design, Advanced Mobility and Experience Studio

A fascinating conversation with Stuart Norris, the Director of Design, Advanced Mobility and Experience Studio for GM.  Also today we’re officially announcing the launch of our new global autonomous vehicle and urban mobility strategy consulting firm. Please visit hoagandco.com and follow us on all social media at @hoagandco to learn more.

#126-The Safety Episode: New EU regulations; Driving Tests for AVs; The Paradox of Safety

Today has accidentally turned out to be “The Safety Episode” in which I discuss new EU regulations for automobile safety that go into effect in mid-2022; a proposed set of tests and standards for AVs; and the fascinating “safety paradox.”

#125-Munich, Matrickz, and more; my accidental review of the Volvo XC60; Korea’s ambitious AV (and EV) plans

Today, Episode 125: I talk a bit about my time in Munich (and, you can watch these videos: (1) Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving; and (2) Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Law, and Economics); I accidentally get to review the (spectacular) new Volvo XC60; and I am utterly blown away by Korea’s recently announced AV initiatives for the 2020s (and pissed at Toyota).

#123-SPECIAL EVENT: Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel, Mountain View, CA, Monday, October 14, 2019

On Monday I was invited to attend the 5th annual Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheelat the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, courtesy of Charlie Vogelheim (The Flying Car) and Scott Fosgard (FosgardPR). I’ll share some of the highlights from the all-day presentation, as well as four exclusive interviews from members of Velodyne, Nvidia, Ridecell, and Wavyn.

#121-Jordan Beal, founder Beal Real Estate, on AVs’ impact on real estate

Jordan Beal joins me for a fantastic discussion on the impact on the real estate market by autonomous vehicles in the coming decades. Be sure to check out Beal Real Estate.